Tips for Maintaining Your Human Hair Extensions

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Hair Weaves are a fun way to switch up your hairstyle. More and more, women of all ethnicities are “rockin” weaves to try different textures, lengths, and colors. Here are a few tips to keep your Temporary Tresses healthy and Cute!

  1. Consult a Stylist for Installs and Coloring.
  2. Keep Your Weave Cleaned and Conditioned.
  3. Detangle Bottom to Top.
  4. Limit Use of Styling Tools and Products on Tape, Skin weft and Weaved Bundles.
  5. Be Sure to Massage your Scalp and Moisturize your REAL Hair.
  6. Be Gentle When Taking Extensions out. Unnecessary roughness can promote damage.
  7. Weaves are Fun, But it’s good to Give Your Natural Hair a Break from Bundles.

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